Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Fashion and film

Because my last post was on rant-and-rave side, I bring you practical news from reader Snide One, who lives in the New York area and is ahead of me on so many fronts. First, the male fashion news:
Here's the latest on man bags (a.k.a man purses). Fanny packs now look most fem. Gym bags are still OK, but are bulky and being replaced by drawstring back packs for "street cred." Cargo shorts, flip-flops, and wife-beaters are out. In are plaid shorts, hiking boots, with visible white crew socks, and opaque but clingy T-shirts where one's nipples are clearly defined by shape, but the color of the nipple is obscured. Nothing shiny, ever.

When I'm with Snide One, he gets all the looks, so I trust him completely. He also goes to the movies so I don't have to:

"Zodiac" is two hours and 40 minutes of excruciating '70s realism. It will get a nomination for set design. Jake Gyllenhaal has a dull presence. Chloe Sevigny does a dead-on impression of the post-pubescent Jan Brady. Robert Downey Jr. continues to embarrass himself.

OK. Instead of going to the movies this weekend, I'll bring all my wife-beaters to the Goodwill.


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