Monday, April 30, 2007

It depends on what "the" is

I may have discovered why half-hour TV series are doing so poorly in the ratings: People who still read listings in the newspaper don't know they're on. The Boston Sunday Globe's TV Week section uses only grids with tiny boxes to list prime-time shows, and from it I learn that the CW network is airing The tonight at 9:30, right after Girl. (The Globe's Web site uses up a lot of computer ink to tell me the names are actually The Game and Girlfriends.) Last night I could have watched En on HBO, Ballers on BET, or S. on Comedy Central, but the best Sunday lineup was on the Home and Garden network, which aired What, House, De, Kitch, Deco, Deco, Mis, Mis, Dime, and Dime in the afternoon and the equally compelling roster of Log Homes (that one's an hour), Boug, Whats, If, and What at night. Because the show is padded enough to fill 1 hour and 45 minutes' worth of grid squares, the Globe does have room for the complete title of Dancing With the Stars.

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