Saturday, April 07, 2007

Put…ze cookies…BACK!

Dear Shaw’s Supermarket: You caught me. I put a bag of Paul Newman chocolate-chip cookies in my shopping basket while I was in that weird aisle near the front of your vast store in the Back Bay. (Health Foods? Organic Items? Expensive Stuff for College-Educated Liberals with Glass-Front Kitchen Cabinets?) Then, a couple of acres away, I found the house brand of chocolate-chip cookies, which are just as good but a lot cheaper, in that weird Island of Less Attractively Packaged Products near the wine section. Afraid that a detour back to Newman Land would cause me to miss the last train home to Somerville, I just put the pricier cookies on the shelf next to the house brand. That’s when one of your employees — whose job seemed to be putting items on the right shelves — yelled, “Hey! You COULD put those back where you found them!” Sorry. But maybe if you put similar items in the same time zone, my comparison shopping wouldn’t be such a hardship on your staff. So where’s your ice cream?


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