Thursday, May 17, 2007

Kamikaze roll: sushi to end all sushi

I had to order the kamikaze roll, especially because the menu at Sushi Bonsai, on St-Zotique in Montreal, did not have the customary warning about the dangers of eating uncooked fish. But there was nothing suicidal about the spicy mayo, and the crumbs of tempura batter added a very pleasant texture to the usual seaweed, fish, rice, and avacado. (I suppose you could pretend you’re eating ground glass if you really want to get into the spirit of the name.) I do know that just a little bit of fat or grease can make a light meal seem more satisfying. In this case, there’s barely anything unhealthy added, but I know I’d have sushi for lunch more often if I could get this smidgen of fried goodness with it. Sadly, there was no Russian roulette roll with caviar. There was something called a Boston roll, which incongruously had crabstick in it. That should be a Baltimore roll, and Boston should get scallops. The baked beans can go on the side – or, better yet, out the back door and on the next bateau lent to China.

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