Tuesday, July 31, 2007

How walkable is your neighborhood?

Plug in your address here, and find out. The score is based on the proximity of things like supermarkets, restaurants, libraries, and movie theaters. Queensberry Street in the Fenway, where I once had a studio, gets a 91 out of a possible 100. It gets points for being so close to the Ramrod bar, and I concur that 0.12 miles is a breeze when you're running home to escape muggers, trolls, or your own sexual fetishes. But I should point out that the Gold's Gym, 0.28 miles away, is about an hour's walk when Red Sox fans are in town. My new apartment in Malden gets an 85, thanks to being 0.13 miles from a Dunkin' Donuts. (Thank goodness I'm high enough to get away from the smell.) And it's only 0.10 miles from the nearest bookstore: New England Comics. As it happens, the nearest non-used bookstore from the place I'm leaving, in West Somerville (score: 71), is Comicazi. It seems that the Simpsons' Comic Book Guy and his peers are the cockroaches of our post-literate culture, surviving after all the other independent booksellers are replaced by cellphone stores.



Blogger 02145 said...

I once lived in a studio apartment on Queensberry Street, also, when I was a student at Mass Art ($495 a month in those days!). The walk from Utrecht Art Supplies on Mass Ave, when carrying a jumbo piece of white pebble mat board against the wind, seemed less than short to me.

8/05/2007 09:27:00 AM  

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