Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The Muppets present "The Picture of Dorian Green"

Old Muppets, including “one of the many puppets that have played Kermit,” have been donated to the Center for Puppetry Arts in Atlanta, according to the New York Times’s Brenda Goodman.

“At the moment, they have not been given the entire collection,” Cheryl Henson [daughter of the late Jim Henson] said in an interview on Friday. “We are assuming we are going to give them the best of our collection,” she added, explaining that the archive owned by the family consists of “a couple thousand” items, but that many have become too fragile to exhibit. “Some of our collection has gotten old; even in the last seven years it has deteriorated. It’s not that we’re holding back a large portion of the collection.” Built from foam and fabric, each puppet character had multiple copies because of performance wear and tear. The gift covered puppets that could no longer be used to perform…

This is very disillusioning. I should have known that Kermit was actually a number of interchangeable bodies (like Lassie). Apparently, he keeps his youthful appearance by banishing his aging selves to attics and museums, taking the Dorian Gray method to a whole new level. But it would have been more interesting had we seen Kermit, Fozzie, Miss Piggy, etc. develop bald patches, sagging skin, and discoloration as they got older, just like the rest of us. Why not teach kids about the ravages of life through the sun damage from Ernie and Bert’s trips to the nude beaches of Provincetown, not to mention Oscar the Grouch’s attempts to hide his hair loss with a comb-over? I guess if you want to see deteriorating puppets, you’ll have to rent Meet the Feebles.

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Blogger J. L. Bell said...

We got to see baby versions of Kermit, Piggy, and several other major Muppets. That means the versions we know best are the aged ones.

7/27/2007 12:31:00 AM  
Blogger 02145 said...

But what of the already aged muppets, Statler & Waldorf? I am sure that the years have not been kind to Janice, the bass player, either.

7/29/2007 11:03:00 AM  

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