Friday, October 19, 2007

Civil disobedience on the Orange Line

For the third weekend since I moved to my new apartment last month, Orange Line service to Malden Center is being suspended for the weekend and replaced by shuttle buses. This is all part of a signal replacement project that is taking an incredible four years to complete (assuming it's on schedule). Here are some nonviolent ways for Orange Line riders to rise up and express their dissatisfaction: 1.) Call restaurants and stores along the Orange Line and tell them you were planning to patronize them this weekend, until you saw the mob scene around the shuttle buses and thought better of it. 2.) Carry huge pillows with you on the shuttle buses in order to subtly demonstrate their inferiority to spacious subway cars. 3.) Invite a suburbanite or visiting out-of-towner to take their virgin excursion on the T this weekend. It will also be his last excursion, and maybe he'll write an angry letter to the Globe about his experience. 4.) Inform local candidates and elected officials that your taxi fares this weekend are coming out of your campaign contribution budget. 5.) Keep asking T personnel, "How's that signal replacement coming along? Exactly how many have you got left to do?"



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