Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Bay State Puritanism strikes again

After posting yesterday about the extinction of gay bars, I decided to make an effort and go out to a martini place where the bartender once assured me that there's a "gay crowd" on Tuesdays. I was skeptical, since unofficial gay nights are generally on the slowest evening of the week, and they represent wishful thinking on the part of bar owners who hope to attract someone -- anyone -- on a Monday or Tuesday. So after I watched House with my usual mixed feelings of confusion and disbelief (interrupted by an occasional great line by Hugh Laurie), I changed into a non-work shirt (which is a work shirt that hasn't been dry cleaned in a while) and headed out. When I got to the bar at 11:30, there were only two guys there, so I guess it could have been all-gay. Unfortunately, the bartender told me that last call was at 11:15, so I was immediately sent on my way. That's a gay night? I would have been just as happy at a late-night diner, but that would have been an even more fantastic find than a martini bar outside of the Back Bay that stays open past David Letterman's opening monologue.

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