Monday, October 01, 2007

Curb Your Gluttony

Curb Your Enthusiasm seems to be winding down the same way that Seinfeld did: with more emphasis on slapstick and more situations that seem to take place in a little town like Mayberry rather than a big city like New York or Los Angeles. In most recent episodes, Larry David runs into the same two or three people every time he leaves the house. But there was a good scene last week in an ice-cream shop, where a woman ahead of him in line leisurely sampled every damn flavor in the store before finally buying a vanilla cone. This was funny, but I wasn't really sure that this kind of entitled behavior was any more common these days. The next day, I found out. I was at a tacqueria for lunch, and the guy ahead of me ordered a small drink. This particular eatery has several types of fruit drinks and iced teas in addition to the standard sodas at the self-serve counter. So this guy samples every one of them, putting his cup under each spigot for a few seconds, then taking a few sips before dumping the rest of the liquid out. Of course, when he finally filled his cup, it was with Diet Coke.



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