Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Gays for Hillary, journalists for Barack

I'm falling behind on my TV watching, and just about every other activity, as I read everything I can about the presidential campaign. I'm struck by the schism between my gay acquaintances and my colleagues in journalism and publishing. The former group is almost unanimous in its praise of Hillary Clinton, saying that her hardball politics is a sign that she'd be able to win a general election and be a effective president, maintaining an upper hand over Congress. But most journalists I've discussed the race with are more favorably disposed toward Barack Obama, saying that his thoughtful and conciliatory speeches suggest that he'd be better able to bridge the red vs. blue divide in the United States, and that his better relations with the press indicate that he'd have a more open and transparent governing style than either Clinton or the current president. See today's Globe column by Scot Lehigh to get a feel for how many journalists, left and right, view the Clinton campaign. As there are more gay people than journalists in the US, I get the feeling that Clinton will wrap up the nomination on February 5 regardless of what she says or does before then.



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