Thursday, April 03, 2008

The War of the Omelets; the (kind of) return of Queer Nation

A couple of items that former Bostonians (who make up a big part of this blog's readership) might find interesting. First, the Somerville News reports on a feud between the owners of two brunch spots in the "best-run city" in Massachusetts, Sound Bites and the Ball Square Cafe. (Thanks to Universal Hub for pointing me to the story.) I've only been to Sound Bites, and the long lines are inexplicable to me. If I'm going to wait in the cold for brunch in Somerville, it's going to be at Johnny D's, where you can get catfish with your eggs as God intended. Second, Christopher Muther reports in the Boston Globe on the Guerrilla Queer Bar, a gay-and-lesbian group that secretly targets a different straight bar on the first Friday of each month and takes it over by sheer numbers. They've turned such places as Somerville's Burren Pub and Faneuil Hall's Bell-in-Hand Tavern into gay bars for a night. (The former, at least, is not exactly frosty toward gay patrons on any night.)

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