Sunday, March 11, 2007

Malden puts the down in downtown

I tried out my new digital camera on this very cloudy afternoon in my hometown of Malden, Mass. (birthplace of Jack Albertson, but not Karl Malden). This photo pretty much sums up the state of affairs downtown. The sign on the left notifies fashionable Maldonians that the city's leading lingerie store will be relocating... seven months ago. The new site in Woburn offers "Easy access from Rt. 93... plenty of free parking!" The trash bag in the window must be filled with slips and panties that weren't good enough for Woburn. My best guess is that the graffiti means "Burger King Consignment Shop upstairs."

You can still see the ghost of the Lady Grace sign to the left of All Seasons Table, a promising Asian restaurant that claims an April opening date. To the right of All Seasons is an example of the economic engine of downtown Malden: dollar stores and thrift shops. Note the interesting second-story architecture on this block. In a lot of neighborhoods the Lady Grace building would be perfect for a faux diner serving $24.95 plates of macaroni and cheese.

I was excited to find a business with the word cafe in it. Unfortunately, this one seems to cater to people forced to learn computer skills because no one will answer their phone calls (thanks to caller ID). Never mind; it's not open on weekends anyway. Who'd want to sit in a cafe then?

I did end my visit with a tasty lunch (pho with fish) at this Vietnamese restaurant. Sai-Gon, take me away!



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