Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Deep fried Oreos

Last Saturday in New York, I came across one of the generic street fairs at which you can buy tube socks, earrings, and baby clothes without going through the hassle of pushing open a door and standing under a roof. (The rain just adds to the fun!) Thankfully, there were also local food specialties, so I tried my first deep-fried Oreos (three for $4). They weren’t bad. The crème filling was undetectable, but the chocolate cookie had become a relatively light, cake-like center to what would have otherwise been a hunk of fried dough. The whole thing was like a trailer-trash version of a chocolate croissant. The one ingredient I could have done without was the heavy dusting of powdered sugar, most of which ended up all over my “microsuede” jacket.



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