Saturday, June 02, 2007

In defense of artistic dentists

One reader takes exception to my critique of the sign seen above:

Hi, Robert. I saw your posting about the Dental Arts sign and needed to respond. I live just outside Davis Square and have been a patient there for about five years. The word "dental" turns white at night when it lights up. Pretty cool. If you go by sometime after dark, you'll appreciate it. The people at that office are the nicest people you'd ever want to meet and the three dentists are GORGEOUS (that is my unsolicited opinion, anyway!) One of them did all my porcelain veneers three years ago and he is a true artist. One does indeed want a creative dentist, especially when it comes to cosmetic dentistry, so the name is warranted. I work at Starbucks in Davis Square, by-the-way, and the transformation of Davis Square in the last decade has been fabulous. Once Highland Ave catches up with Elm Street w/ regard to modernization, it will be awesome. I think the sign on the dental office looks great, and that the rest of the street needs to upgrade.... Regards, Claire G.

I guess I'm old-fashioned. I don't flaunt my dental work or shove it down people's throats. I think a dental office should have an unmarked door, no windows onto the street, and staff who are discreet about maintaining the privacy of their shame-faced clients. Cavities are the result of irresponsible behavior (we're not born with them!), and I want a dentist who won't try to cover up my moral failings with "porcelain veneers."

Still, I can't argue with "gorgeous," so you win, Claire.

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