Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Gay nightlife in Boston will leave you in stitches

The Media Farm column in the current Weekly Dig offers a suggestion for the struggling gay newspaper IN Newsweekly:
If the Farm were prone to speculation, we’d say now would be a great time for IN’s corporate parent, HX Media, to put the thing out of its misery and relaunch it as a glossy free gay nightlife guide, like the ones they have in New York and Philly. Not that anyone asked us or anything.
Great idea ... except that there is no gay nightlife in Boston. There are only seven bars in Boston and Cambridge that are gay every night of the week, and one of them (Jacques) closes at midnight at the insistence of Bay Village residents who apparently didn't notice the place was there until after they bought their condos. So it's not clear where the advertising revenue for a new glossy magazine would come from. How about Home Depot, the MBTA, and hospitals? Those are among the most popular places to meet gay men, at least according to the "Missed Connections" section of craigslist. (Sample entries: "You are a cute neurosurgeon at Baptist hospital today" and "You were the cute guy walking into Dana Farber.") In other major cities, you can go bar-hopping. In Boston, the best way to meet a guy on a Saturday night is to buy a nail gun, shoot your foot, and ride the Red Line to the emergency room at Mass General.

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