Monday, June 18, 2007

Meg Ryan takes the T

The driver was about to close the door when a petite, attractive blonde woman in her mid 20s raced from the back of the bus and flew out the door. I heard someone behind me say, "Wait... don't." As the bus continued on its way, a young bearded man with a guitar case scrambled to the front and had a few words with the driver, an imposing woman in her 40s. The bus caught up to and went a bit past the blonde, still walking at a brisk pace and refusing to look anywhere but straight ahead. We stopped in the middle of a block and the doors opened. "Hey, you! Get back here! You can't just get off and leave all your SHIT on MY bus!" The woman got back on without a word and followed the bearded guy to the back of the bus. He came down the aisle with the guitar case, a stuffed backpack, and a heavy looking suitcase. She carried a little purse. The bus stopped again and the rear doors popped open. "You getting off here?" the driver yelled. The young guy looked around and saw all the polite passengers staring at him. (The impolite ones were snickering and catcalling.) "Yeah, I guess," he replied. He struggled to get all the luggage off, she followed with the little purse, and the two of them stood on the sidewalk. She glared at him, he looked sheepish, and they both waited for their audience to leave. As the bus pulled away, the guy sitting in front of me said loudly, "I know who's not getting off tonight!" This got a big laugh. Unlike extras in an urban romantic comedy, Bostonians don't applaud when two attractive people kiss in a public place. But if that woman had clocked her boyfriend with his guitar case, all the strangers on my bus would have had instantly become great friends with one another.

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