Sunday, June 03, 2007

The Sopranos: Next stop, last stop

David Chase is certainly getting playful, allowing a character to comment on the show's title -- at least, I don't remember anyone commenting on the irony of the Soprano family having an operatic name until Melfi's smug shrink did so tonight. And the model train sequence was pure Hitchcock, not only because of the imagery but because it ended just the way we expected it to. (This was in contrast to the scene a couple of episodes ago when Christopher righted a small tree that had been knocked over by Paulie and it didn't fall down as soon as he was out of sight.) I have to say that I felt satisfaction at that moment, but maybe it's because I wanted revenge as a third-generation Quebecer. (Remember the season opener?) My theory has been that the ending moments of the series will be all about Carmela, and that was foreshadowed by Melfi's interaction with Tony tonight. I don't think Carm will do as well as controlling her temper.

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