Wednesday, July 11, 2007

A cure worse than the disease

Hurrah, it's National Cheer Up the Lonely Day. Deanna Dhalsad writes, "Take your lunch break to make a list of everyone you can send a card to, and after work, head to the greeting card store and buy stacks of them. Sure, jotting a little note, signing, addressing and putting postage on them is more 'work' to do after dinner, but you'll feel so wonderful knowing you made someone's day!" So now I'm going to feel bad if I don't get greeting cards in the middle of July. The Peanuts comic strip always had Charlie Brown sighing and looking into his empty mailbox on Valentine's Day. Coming in the middle of his baseball team's always winless season, National Cheer Up the Lonely Day would make him stick his head in the oven. This is the worst idea since National Pity Fuck Day.



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