Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Where Shih Tzus rule

The American Kennel Club lists the top 10 dog breeds in the US and in the 50 biggest cities. Shih Tzus are relatively big in Las Vegas (the toy dogs do look like something designed by Liberace), Salt Lake City, and Washington, DC. San Francisco likes poodles and bulldogs, which doesn't exactly dispel sexual stereotypes. New York City is a haven for dachsunds (you do need a dog who can run between legs there), and blue-collar Baltimore welcomes pugs. Rottweilers are popular in the tough towns Chicago, Detroit, and Miami. Something called the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a contender in Atlanta, Dallas, and Honolulu. I don't see dalmatians, collies, or Jack Russell terriers on any of the cities' list, despite their advantages in being all over movie and TV screens. (See 101 Dalmations, the TV show Frasier, etc.) I guess no one wants a potential prima donna as a pet.



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