Friday, June 22, 2007

City advises me not to move to South Boston

Via the Boston Globe:

The Boston Licensing Board yesterday morning closed the South Boston bar where a Revere man was stabbed to death in a weekend brawl. The board suspended The 6 House's license pending a July 10 hearing, after investigating the bar following the fight, said Dan Pokaski, chairman of the Licensing Board.

The fact that someone was killed at the bar doesn't dissuade me from moving to Southie, something I've been seriously considering. But if the city finds it necessary to immediately shut down the a after what seems to be a freak occurence (no gangs or bikers involved), that tells me that either the whole neighborhood is incredibly dangerous or it's filled with people who panic when they realize they haven't moved into Newton. Not good either way. UPDATE: Another account from the Boston Herald, which highlights the bar's former incarnation, with a different name, as a hangout of gangster Whitey Bulger (presumably a couple of decades ago). So don't open a bar or restaurant anywhere in the city where Whitey has been spotted during the past 50 years.

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