Saturday, June 23, 2007

Circumcisions fall off

I was startled to read that almost half of all boys born in the U.S. now go uncircumcised. The new data has been giving Andrew Sullivan an opportunity to rant about how barbaric the practice is (see "Scarred for Life"). He may be right, and I must not have liked the pruning as it happened to me, but I've never wished that my parents waited until I was old enough to say, "No thanks, I'll leave it the way it is." (And I've never wished that they protected me from flouridated water until I was old enough to decide that it wasn't part of a communist plot.) I will admit that for years I thought that Jewish guys were uncut because of the old joke about someone's pants being so tight you could tell what religion he was. It didn't make any sense the other way because almost everyone in my locker room at high school was circumcised, no matter what church they went to.


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