Monday, June 25, 2007

Ann B. Davis in chains

Sorry for the light blogging. I'm now in the closing days of my three-month work cycle, and after writing/editing serious things at the office, I can only veg out to iTunes and HBO at home. More to come next week, but in the meantime here's another defense of the Dental Arts sign in Davis Square:
Yo, dude! Take a look across the street at Brooks Pharmacy if you want to see an eyesore! If you're gonna be spitting mad about something, how'bout the "Harvard Square-ification" of Davis Square? With Brooks, McDonald's, Starbucks, Bank of America, and now a CVS about to open, Davis is losing its personality. We'll soon have another outdoor mall, a la Harvard Square. Leave the independent storekeeper alone! - Proud Somerville Resident (p.s.- I kinda like the dentist sign)
Point taken. I was horrified to see that a CVS (worst feng shui on earth!) will soon blight Davis Square. I've been boycotting that chain since I tried to buy a newspaper at a CVS by putting exact change on the counter and the cashier yelled at me to get at the end of the line. (Or, more accurately, to pick one of the lines and hope it wasn't the slow one.) I now buy my razor blades and dental floss online, and they're actually cheaper than at CVS. Plus, I can now buy more embarrassing items than I ever dreamed of! By the way, is any neighborhood in the Boston area gaining personality?

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